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My name is Walter Brown. I’m a traveler guy from Australia with a big smile and passions: People, Travel and Social Media. Deceber 2017 I decided to combine my passions and started a unique social travel project around the world.

Everything that happens on my travels needs to be social and connected to a person. This means for example no guidebooks or search for travel information online. It’s all about talking to people online via social networks and of course with the people around me in real life.

People shape the adventure as it happens by guiding me to their favorite places, joining me for some time on my travels, meeting me along the way or by inviting me into their homes and life.

This way of traveling got me into a bunch of incredible social travel adventures.

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How to Make Money While Travelling the World

Global travellers enamoured of the jet setting lifestyle, often, ponder how they can fund their ongoing journey. How to make money while travelling the world is a question at the forefront of their mind. Technology has made some useful solutions in the digital space for those who know their way around a mobile phone, laptop, and social media platforms. Digital nomad is the buzzword moniker currently doing the rounds and this refers to the whole have laptop will travel sensibility. People take on jobs for amounts of money that they wouldn’t sneeze at at home, but because they can live relatively cheaply in the third world on limited funds they do them.

How to Make Money While Travelling the World

The consequence of this is that the payment rates for much of this work is debased, with cheapskate employers always looking for the digital nomad or ESL solution found in developing nations. Travellers have slimmed down their worlds to a backpack and room with WIFI connection and are happy to earn whatever they can to fund their odyssey. You can read hundreds of blog pages where phrases like: “travel indefinitely” and “free to roam the planet at will” pop up regularly.

Online Sources of Casual Work Opportunities

Websites like Upwork.com and Airtasker.com are sources of casual work opportunities for those with a variety of skills. The digital type work can usually be done from wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a good WIFI connection and the right software tools and skills. There are, also, new work-tourism programs popping up, which are there to assist digital nomads in their desires to travel and work globally.

Mobility & Freedom

Working in tech based professions has a certain mobility and freedom that many other jobs do not share. Start a business in the right space and you will never be limited by geographical concerns, which tie you down to one city or country.  The world can be your digital oyster, but just remember to shuck the shell before you chow down. They say that travel broadens the mind; and many youthful travellers would mostly agree. It is the letting go of all the usual securities that exist in your life at home, which allows life to manifest in strange and new forms, and more importantly which you do not automatically reject out of hand.


South America: Top Survival Tips for First Timers

South America, the land of the mighty Amazon River, Indian cultures, the majestic Andes, and so much more, it is one of the great travel destinations on this planet. Of course, with adventure comers potential danger; and we have all read about and seen the movies, where wealthy westerners are kidnapped by gun toting gangsters and political terrorists. South America has always fascinated me and especially in regard to the many coups d’états and bloody revolutions. It seems like the mix of Indian culture with Latin blood has produced a wildly passionate and sometimes violent ethnic grouping of human beings.

South America’s Scary Past

The tortures are infamous from those cruel regimes like Pinochet in Chile and military juntas in numerous other South American countries over the years. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay have all suffered dictatorships of brutality, which have seen sections of the community deprived of their liberty and savagely tortured. Is it the dark echoes of the twisted Spanish Inquisition, which has electrodes inserted into vaginas and anuses to produce pain of a particularly wicked nature? Perhaps, also, the blood sacrifices of the Incan Indian nations still beat in the DNA of some South Americans?

Cruelty Free Future

Hopefully, we have seen the last of these genocides and mass murders. Isn’t it time for some cruelty free manifestations of the better parts of humanity in South America? The wonderful indigenous Indian cultures have so much to offer visitors to this rich and colourful land. The abundant flora and fauna, especially around the Amazon Basin is extraordinary. The tropical timbers of South America are well known around the world for their look and feel. Unique timber, which makes gorgeous furniture and artefacts.

Vibrant Culture & Fun Loving Locals

You will enjoy the vibrant culture and fun loving nature of the locals in South America. The beautiful beaches, the mountains, the tropical forests, the yummy local foods and the music. If you can keep your wits about you and don’t unnecessarily put yourself in danger, you will have a great time here. The top survival tips for first timers are: don’t flash lots of money around; don’t advertise your importance; dress appropriately to the situation; use your intelligence when making travel itinerary decisions; and always keep a few compadres around.  South America is becoming safer and armed with these few travel survival tips I am sure that you will remain on the right side of a good time.

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