Global travellers enamoured of the jet setting lifestyle, often, ponder how they can fund their ongoing journey. How to make money while travelling the world is a question at the forefront of their mind. Technology has made some useful solutions in the digital space for those who know their way around a mobile phone, laptop, and social media platforms. Digital nomad is the buzzword moniker currently doing the rounds and this refers to the whole have laptop will travel sensibility. People take on jobs for amounts of money that they wouldn’t sneeze at at home, but because they can live relatively cheaply in the third world on limited funds they do them.

How to Make Money While Travelling the World

The consequence of this is that the payment rates for much of this work is debased, with cheapskate employers always looking for the digital nomad or ESL solution found in developing nations. Travellers have slimmed down their worlds to a backpack and room with WIFI connection and are happy to earn whatever they can to fund their odyssey. You can read hundreds of blog pages where phrases like: “travel indefinitely” and “free to roam the planet at will” pop up regularly.

Online Sources of Casual Work Opportunities

Websites like and are sources of casual work opportunities for those with a variety of skills. The digital type work can usually be done from wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a good WIFI connection and the right software tools and skills. There are, also, new work-tourism programs popping up, which are there to assist digital nomads in their desires to travel and work globally.

Mobility & Freedom

Working in tech based professions has a certain mobility and freedom that many other jobs do not share. Start a business in the right space and you will never be limited by geographical concerns, which tie you down to one city or country.  The world can be your digital oyster, but just remember to shuck the shell before you chow down. They say that travel broadens the mind; and many youthful travellers would mostly agree. It is the letting go of all the usual securities that exist in your life at home, which allows life to manifest in strange and new forms, and more importantly which you do not automatically reject out of hand.